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February 2, 2018

Breaking Strongholds in 2018

Hi, I’m Dr. Anthony Earl and this is my first Blog on my new website. I hope as we journey together this year you’ll find interesting topics on this platform. They will be designed to enrich you and assist in you becoming successful in your spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development.


For my first Blog, I have chosen the subject on Breaking Strongholds in Your Life. A fascinating topic I’m sure. If you thought the same, then I believe I’m in the right ballpark.  The year 2018 has entered in with a fast trajectory. I’m sure some you haven’t quite gotten settled in with completing your New Year’s Resolutions. Have you found yourself setting new goals and becoming anxious to start them at the beginning of the new year only to find that you had not accomplished all that you hoped year after year? This result may be due to some interesting work behind the scenes sabotaging you from being successful.  Yes, there are many factors at play that are determined to thwart any plans you may have to win.


Let’s take a look at a couple of possible reasons. Could it be you who is your first distraction? Attitude is dominant for momentum. The wrong mindset easily affects your latitude. I’m sure you have heard others say “Your attitude determines your altitude.”  The right attitude is critical to your movement. So work on you and refuse to allow yourself to demolish your hopes and dreams before getting started. Examine your heart, out of it flows the forces that either destroy or cultivate you.  Eliminate the negativity that breeds any corruption that feeds on you.  Read books that will expose, inspire, and uplift you. I recommend the number one book of all time, The Bible. Yep, The good ole Bible. It is full of extraordinary insights, wisdom nuggets and more. It has served as a plumb line of correction and has inspired me and thousands to become a better person.  The Kingdom benefits as you grow in Him.


Lastly, birds of the same feathers do flock together.  Change your environment, the type of people who you orbit with can become a determining factor in one’s life.  How can two walk together unless they agree? Haters hate, so why waste your precious time hanging with them.  Words aptly spoken are like apples of gold in settings of silver. One of those excellent proverbs found inside of that great book.  We all need cheerleaders who shout with a loud rallying cry.  With shouts of grace, grace, and grace to you as you take on the new desire in 2018.  These are valuable keys to experience the success you have longed for. They will no doubt break strongholds that have prevented you from succeeding in life.


I invite you to join me and others this year as we Journey through the Bible and extract principles that will assure a very enriched life and free you from many of the bondages that hinder your movement in  2018 and beyond.


If you’d like to secure the Prayer Journal for 2018, please visit http://anthonyearl.org and click on the Resource Page. Once you secure the Journal you can join our Special Facebook Group where I share my impressions from the current readings.  


Grace to you!