Divine Partnerships
March 12, 2018

The Power of Anticipation

The Power of Anticipation is the focus of this month’s blog.  Anticipating the best life has is our focus in April.  April, the month where the weather is fulfilling its natural course of change.  Change is essential for growth.  Spring is upon us.  We all love positive changes.  Optimism is an excellent prescription for success.  April has a way of creating a fresh sense of hope.  We look forward to casting off the old and replacing with the new.  New habits, new attitudes, new pursuits.  Discarding things that have not served you well in the past season and anticipating better exploits in the next.

After a gruesome winter with all of its challenges, we anticipate a rise in temperature.  The dawn of blooming plants and flowers are signs of change that invokes a fresh outlook.  The greening of the grass, budding of flowers and the sweet aroma of springtime, are all designed to affect us positively. Vibrant spring colors stimulate us with happy thoughts of what is on the horizon.  We envision something better, newer and more exciting.  We plan for holidays and vacations that enrich our lives with experiences to draw upon for a lifetime.  None of this would be possible without the planting and preparation of the previous months.  Now we reap the rewards of winter.

Cycles in life are inevitable. We all have seasons that we do not particularly care to prolong.  In this life, seasons come and go, and storms pass.  The storm’s electrifying power creates change in the landscape.  Likewise, life’s storms make adjustments in our attitude, lifestyle, and priorities in life. However, our resilient temperament enables us to adapt to severe changes quickly.  After the initial shock, we regroup and design a more enriching environment in which to live, the fruit of anticipating the best outcome.  Positivity births new rays of hope that break forth with beams of excitement.

Hopeful anticipation is a gift that invokes certainty of positive change.  The energy of it can move us that much closer to balance, sobriety, and a higher fulfillment in life.  Anticipate the best and discard all pessimism.  Become hopeful and see a brighter future for you and your family.  The scriptures are about efficacious outcomes.  In Genesis, Abraham hoped against hope.  The odds of Sarah giving birth was against them.  In spite of the odds, he anticipated a promised outcome.  His bold stance to believe resulted in his desire fulfilled.  Joseph’s youthful dreams projected a bright future for him.  However, he learned to stay the course in hope even when things looked bleak.  He was sold into slavery, wrongly placed in prison but his belief in God elevated him from the prison to the palace.

Everything has an intelligent design.  Nothing is a coincidence.  Life has natural cycles. Destiny and purpose ultimately evolve towards fulfillment.  It also works through the missteps of humanity with all of its baggage.  Nature has a built-in technology to renew itself.  Leaves wither, flowers fade, but they get reset and come back as beautiful as before.  We too have the power to reset unwanted outcomes in life.  It exists within the power of hope.

The technology of God, the Bible, teaches us to realize beforehand, to foresee favorable conclusions, in the midst of insurmountable odds.  He instructs us how to exchange dreadful consequences for powerful positive ones surgically.  Some surgeries happen in the natural and some in the supernatural.  We have access to them both.  Embrace a posture to expect change for better.  Embrace the desire for a more enriched life.  A confident expectation of a better life is right.  Rid yourself of stagnated thinking by anticipating newer and brighter seasons in life.  Nature is our reminder that it can all get better.  It’s only a matter of time.  Let your time be NOW!