Our Journey

C ity Church International was founded in Chicago, IL in 1989.  Shortly after that, they organized as Living Word Ministries International.  Anthony believed that the identity had shifted and that this required a new name.  Later, the name would be changed to City Church.

City Church's mission is to well equip sons of God to fulfill the Lord's great commission to His Church, John 1:12 KJV.  This would be implemented through the establishment of City Church platforms.  Such platforms are critical to synchronize movement to reform and transform churches, communities, cities and countries.

City Church has discipled hundreds of believers over the past decades. In this new season, in the midst of a terribly frayed global culture, CCI is in pursuit of a greater expression and execution of the “Way”.  A Faith that is focused on social and spiritual restoration, committed towards repairing the breach and rebuilding the foundations of many generations. This is executed by extensive trainings, teaching for prophetic clarity, and a transformed lifestyle that is nurtured through biblical enrichment and the practical application of what is propagated.

Anthony understands that CCI transcends the four walls of a building and that the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer for Unity is the new apostolic mission.  “One Global Church” is our quest.