Breaking Strongholds in 2018
January 24, 2018
Divine Partnerships
March 12, 2018

Learning to Rest

Friends, this month’s blog is about learning how to REST! The process of becoming so centered that life’s troubles don’t enslave us with worry.  We know all too well how unrest feels and its effect on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Overcoming turbulence that exists in so many people’s lives can be realized today.  Many choose not to take authority and instead choose pharmaceuticals to medicate themselves.  Danger! Drug dependency is entirely inorganic and by no means the solution. Now, there are those who suffer from a chemical imbalance, and under the care of a health professional, may be prescribed a safe use of medication.  However, there are many cases where drugs are inadequately prescribed and a dependency develops.  In some instances, the chemical imbalance can be corrected by other lifestyle choices.  The abuse of drugs exacerbates problems. The problem is still there, and if you develop a dependency on drugs you now have an additional problem. The best answer is discovering REST as an organic solution.

We all have felt that nudge of unrest, however, from this moment on, speak to it and choose to not let it control you.  Avoid embracing it. The beginning of rest is learning to say “You are not welcome here anymore, sir.”  It’s at this juncture that the process of taking back your real estate inch by inch begins. Each intentional action brings you just that much closer to finding rest for your soul.

In our fast-paced world, we pursue the accumulation of things rather than the quality of our mental state.  There’s no profit in gaining the world and losing our soul.  Our intellect, will, and emotions are critical to our survival.  In fact, our spiritual essence is vital to our wellness.  Wealth isn’t our enemy, however, the love of it becomes a taskmaster.  Wealth is a reward to empower your vision, help others, and live a peaceful life. When we set our priorities in the right order, only then, will we discover the peace that surpasses all turbulence.  Rest is a liberator, and it emancipates all who will embrace Him.

In fact, this rest isn’t sleeping.  It is an ability to be still and possess a faith abiding confidence in Him. Almighty God is the key to REST. He is the architect and provides us with the design of a corrective posture to overcome. Today, desire God’s REST!  It’s a place we get to in Him. Israel did not enter into the promise because they did not come into His REST!  “He shall enter into peace; They shall rest in their beds, Each one walking in his uprightness.” Isaiah 57:2 (NKJV)    Walking uprightly yields a sacred rest. Knowing that you did what was right is a breath of fresh air.  A righteous act of obedience gives birth to serenity.

Make a decision to rid yourself of every distraction today. Whether it’s your home life, work environment or something else, choose to let it go.  The right attitude determines your altitude. REST is possible once we decide to move forward.  So decide to take that step today.